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The Power Of Your Website

Every business owner knows one simple fact; ‘business is about image and reputation’.  The only way to build a successful business is by making your customers happy and bringing new customers on board.  Customers and potential customers use many different mediums to evaluate your business but non are more important that your website.  Customer loyalty has become rare and consumers have many more options and that’s all thanks to the internet.  Over 70% of Americans do some research online before they make a purchase and it doesn’t matter if the purchase is big or small.  Most of your customers first interaction with your business will be your website.  Your retail space is important, your customer service and quality of service is also important, but your customers first impression of your business will be your website more often than not.  A website has to be a living breathing entity, if your business has a website that hasn’t been updated in years or if your website has incorrect information, your potential customers will then downgrade your business.

Even with the rise of social media, customers still crave a friendly and accessible page that’s free of all the clutter of social media.  You can’t take for granted the number of potential customers you lose because your website is not well kept or worse, if you don’t have a website at all.

Websites are not the future, they’re the present and only museums can afford to live in the past.