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The Need For Websites In Age Of Apps

In a world where seemingly everything is moving towards mobile technology and mobile apps, is there a need for a business to have a website? The answer is simple; your business needs a website more than ever. Apps by nature are easier, quicker and more robust. However apps take up a lot of memory space on your mobile phone, for that purpose having a mobile app for every single service you use in impractical. Customers overwhelmingly prefer apps that can do more than one thing. For example they prefer apps that can manager all of their finances, rather than have an app for every credit card and bank account.

Apps can be a very robust and powerful technology if implemented correctly in a business environment, however unless you are managing a conglomerate with millions of potential customers on the daily basis you do not need an app for your customers, you need a website. You are much better served building an app that will help streamline your business internally.

For consumer purposes the website is still king. More often than not a customer is going to search for your business and their first impression of your business will be your website. More important than a business card, more efficient than an app. In our current business environment your website is your first impression. Even if you have an app for your customers, your customers will more than likely discover your app while browsing your website.

The average person has 37 downloaded apps on their device; however that same user will scan 1,800 websites in one year.