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The Best App Ideas

Most people think that applications are a business for the young and tech savvy segment of society; there are may examples of great computer programmers inventing a great application and making billions of dollars in the process. Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Evan Spiegel (Snapchat) or Reid Hoffman (LinkedIn). In reality these characters are a rarity, they’re the exception to the rule, because they’re the developers and the visionaries behind the idea. So in essence they’re the real estate developer, architect and construction worker.

Most great ideas for apps come from people who don’t have a coding background. They simply see a problem and recognize a way to solve the problem. Many of these great ideas are often wasted because the individuals who are coming up with the idea don’t believe they have the technical savvy to bring an application to life.

The reality is that the visionary behind a great idea is rarely the person who actually builds the idea. Most startups have a founder a president and a CTO. The CTO is someone they bring on board to help them manager the technology, this person is not usually a part of the original idea.

It may shock most to know that Steve Jobs did not know how to code; Steve Wozniak was the technical genius behind Apple products; however Steve Jobs had the vision and understood the marketplace, together they built one of the most successful companies in human history. Steve Jobs could not have done it without Woz and Woz could not have done it without Steve Jobs. The moral of the story is simple, being a developer is not a requirement to running and operating a successful app.