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Almost all noteworthy businesses depend on software for their day to day operations.  Everything from accounting to project management is usually managed by software.  Make no mistake about it, software is the backbone of the business world and it will continue to be.

A recent trend has developed in the software industry however.  Many businesses are moving away from the “one size fits all” software solutions and they are venturing into building custom software solutions for their business.

In this age of mobility your software needs to be mobile compatible.  By mobile compatible I don’t mean software that works within a mobile friendly browser!  Any and all new software needs to be built with a corresponding mobile app that allows for all software functionality and mobility on the go.

Employees are spending more and more working hours walking around, outside and getting from place to place.  Giving employees access to company software on mobile apps allows for quicker communication, improved productivity and provides a more accurate and available database.

By the time the employee gets back to the office to do data entry.  Much of the information they gathered will be lost or forgotten.  A mobile app to synchronize with your software is a must; if your competitors are not using mobile apps they will be soon.  Word of advice “Stay ahead of the curb”