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Technology Is A Job Creator

For the past 150 years people have been in panic about a machine uprising.  The idea of machines and robots taking away our jobs is nothing new; recently many people have sounded the alarm in fear of artificial intelligence and robust mobile applications displacing workers.  If history teaches us anything however, it’s the fact that technology creates jobs and lifts the socioeconomic status of all those who embrace it.

The famous story of John Henry defeating the evil machine that was built to take his job goes back to the 1870s.  During that time period much like today, technology was evolving quickly; the world was changing much faster than what the average person was comfortable with.  The reality is that time period in the industrial revolution spurred one of the biggest economic booms known to man.

Look around you, everything we use today is touched by technology and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  It’s not by accident that the age of technology perfectly coincides with the age convenience, the age of accessibility and the age of unprecedented wealth never before seen by man.

Thanks to technology the way we live today far exceeds the greatest kings wildest expectations and it’s not just the elite few that enjoy these comforts.  The person we consider poor today would be considered wealthy just a century ago.  Technology brought us trains, cars, planes, television, radio and the internet; more importantly technology brought us jobs.  People need to make televisions, ship them, install them and broadcasters need to hire on air talent a crew and so on.

Technology has gotten so advanced that it’s displacing blue color factory workers and many find this trend alarming.  The reality is, we need to retrain our workforce to fill the jobs of the future.  Let me assure you that there is no shortage of available jobs, there is only a shortage of qualified people to fill those positions.

As a people we need to stop being afraid of technology and simply embrace it.  Trust that technology will bring us more wealth, comfort and prosperity because it has a fantastic track record.

Web Developer

Reputation Of A Web Developer

Almost all noteworthy businesses depend on software for their day to day operations.  Everything from accounting to project management is usually managed by software.  Make no mistake about it, software is the backbone of the business world and it will continue to be.

A recent trend has developed in the software industry however.  Many businesses are moving away from the “one size fits all” software solutions and they are venturing into building custom software solutions for their business.

In this age of mobility your software needs to be mobile compatible.  By mobile compatible I don’t mean software that works within a mobile friendly browser!  Any and all new software needs to be built with a corresponding mobile app that allows for all software functionality and mobility on the go.

Employees are spending more and more working hours walking around, outside and getting from place to place.  Giving employees access to company software on mobile apps allows for quicker communication, improved productivity and provides a more accurate and available database.

By the time the employee gets back to the office to do data entry.  Much of the information they gathered will be lost or forgotten.  A mobile app to synchronize with your software is a must; if your competitors are not using mobile apps they will be soon.  Word of advice “Stay ahead of the curb”


The Need For Websites In Age Of Apps

In a world where seemingly everything is moving towards mobile technology and mobile apps, is there a need for a business to have a website? The answer is simple; your business needs a website more than ever. Apps by nature are easier, quicker and more robust. However apps take up a lot of memory space on your mobile phone, for that purpose having a mobile app for every single service you use in impractical. Customers overwhelmingly prefer apps that can do more than one thing. For example they prefer apps that can manager all of their finances, rather than have an app for every credit card and bank account.

Apps can be a very robust and powerful technology if implemented correctly in a business environment, however unless you are managing a conglomerate with millions of potential customers on the daily basis you do not need an app for your customers, you need a website. You are much better served building an app that will help streamline your business internally.

For consumer purposes the website is still king. More often than not a customer is going to search for your business and their first impression of your business will be your website. More important than a business card, more efficient than an app. In our current business environment your website is your first impression. Even if you have an app for your customers, your customers will more than likely discover your app while browsing your website.

The average person has 37 downloaded apps on their device; however that same user will scan 1,800 websites in one year.

Website Development

The Power Of Your Website

Every business owner knows one simple fact; ‘business is about image and reputation’.  The only way to build a successful business is by making your customers happy and bringing new customers on board.  Customers and potential customers use many different mediums to evaluate your business but non are more important that your website.  Customer loyalty has become rare and consumers have many more options and that’s all thanks to the internet.  Over 70% of Americans do some research online before they make a purchase and it doesn’t matter if the purchase is big or small.  Most of your customers first interaction with your business will be your website.  Your retail space is important, your customer service and quality of service is also important, but your customers first impression of your business will be your website more often than not.  A website has to be a living breathing entity, if your business has a website that hasn’t been updated in years or if your website has incorrect information, your potential customers will then downgrade your business.

Even with the rise of social media, customers still crave a friendly and accessible page that’s free of all the clutter of social media.  You can’t take for granted the number of potential customers you lose because your website is not well kept or worse, if you don’t have a website at all.

Websites are not the future, they’re the present and only museums can afford to live in the past.

Novocan SEO

The Power of SEO

It’s hard to keep up with the rapidly changing trends of social media and content marketing. This is especially true for small business owners who have enough on their plate as it is. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is one of those terms thrown around by marketing managers to their clients, that most do not have the time or patience to understand. For instance, you might think SEO is simply defined by your company’s rankings on Google or Yahoo, but it is so much more than that. Sam McRoberts at Forbes said it perfectly: “SEO, at its heart, is the process of making websites more accessible and understandable to search engines.” In turn, the more accessible your website is for search engines, the higher up the list you will climb.

Seems pretty easy, right? Well, it does take a lot of hard work to climb your way to the top, but the equation to getting there is straightforward. But before we dive into building your SEO, let’s find out why it’s so important.


Why is SEO important for my business?

 Build branding and credibility. Of course the end goal of your marketing plan is to make sales, and more visits to your website could equal more sales. However, most people are under the impression that a top search engine placement is only for gaining clicks to your website. That is important, but it’s more psychological than that. An average person using their computer to search for a service isn’t going to type a few keywords into the search box and use the first company they see. They are going to use several different combinations of keywords, and the more times your business shows up for all the searches, the more credibility you earn in their mind. Because you were a consistent result to each of their searches, chances are they will trust you more.

 Attracts relevant traffic. SEO will help your customers find you, and fast. Trond Lyngbo said in his article on Reasons Why You Need SEO, “SEO is highly targeted, down to minor details. Using keyword analysis, you can find just how big a “market” is, how many people are searching for that exact keyword, how competitive the arena is (in SERPs), and with some keen deductive reasoning, even identify the intent behind keyword searches.”

 Insight into your customers. Once you target the people who need your product or services, you will be able to find out what they need fairly quickly. Google analytics is a fantastic tool. “The data and metrics are valuable because they give you insight into your customers: how they search, how they browse, the language they use, the technology they use, the region they live in, the days they are most active, the times of day they are most active, you name it.” Derek Shropshire said in his blog post about SEO. You will have amazing insight into your customer’s minds, and be able to tailor to their needs.

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