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Technology Is A Job Creator

For the past 150 years people have been in panic about a machine uprising.  The idea of machines and robots taking away our jobs is nothing new; recently many people have sounded the alarm in fear of artificial intelligence and robust mobile applications displacing workers.  If history teaches us anything however, it’s the fact that technology creates jobs and lifts the socioeconomic status of all those who embrace it.

The famous story of John Henry defeating the evil machine that was built to take his job goes back to the 1870s.  During that time period much like today, technology was evolving quickly; the world was changing much faster than what the average person was comfortable with.  The reality is that time period in the industrial revolution spurred one of the biggest economic booms known to man.

Look around you, everything we use today is touched by technology and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  It’s not by accident that the age of technology perfectly coincides with the age convenience, the age of accessibility and the age of unprecedented wealth never before seen by man.

Thanks to technology the way we live today far exceeds the greatest kings wildest expectations and it’s not just the elite few that enjoy these comforts.  The person we consider poor today would be considered wealthy just a century ago.  Technology brought us trains, cars, planes, television, radio and the internet; more importantly technology brought us jobs.  People need to make televisions, ship them, install them and broadcasters need to hire on air talent a crew and so on.

Technology has gotten so advanced that it’s displacing blue color factory workers and many find this trend alarming.  The reality is, we need to retrain our workforce to fill the jobs of the future.  Let me assure you that there is no shortage of available jobs, there is only a shortage of qualified people to fill those positions.

As a people we need to stop being afraid of technology and simply embrace it.  Trust that technology will bring us more wealth, comfort and prosperity because it has a fantastic track record.